XIII. Annual Congress of the European Proteomics Association:
From Genes via Proteins and their Interactions to Functions
March 24–28, 2019 • Potsdam, Germany

Organizational remarks


Online Program


Scientific program

Session topics

• Human disease: Cancer, neuro, cardio, rare, immunology
• Metabolic networks
• Microbiome and microbial pathogens
• Host-pathogen interactions
• Plant and nutrition
• Protein transport and subcellular localisation
• Systems biology – Multi-omics approaches
• From data to information to knowledge to utility
• Protein-MS in clinical applications
• Antibiotic resistance mechanisms/new antimicrobial compounds
• Proteomics in cell biology
• Animals and veterinary medicine
• Proteomics in pharma – Application to biologicals, biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars
• Bioinformatics: From data analysis to integration
• Interactomics: Affinity, proximity, and spatial proteomics
• Signaling networks, pathways and pathway activity (PTMs)
• Structural proteomics/protein complexes
• Technological innovations
• Towards single cell proteomics
• Redox proteomics
• Proteogenomics and clinical applications
• New technologies
• Multi attribute monitoring, host cell protein, anti body drug conjugates, target identification
• Other topics